Spartan Warrior with Spear and Hoplite Shield Cold Cast Bronze Statue 4.7 inches

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Spartan Warrior with Spear and Hoplite Shield Cold Cast Bronze Statue 4.7 inches

Height: 4.72 inches (12 cm)
Width: 2.55 inches (6.5 cm)
Weight: 0.22 lb (100 gr)
  Material: Cold Cast Bronze

Becoming a Spartan warrior was not a choice, it was your duty, and it was one that lasted a lifetime.
Spartan men remained on reserve until the age of 60, and given the average life expectancy of the time, this often meant that almost the entirety of your adult life was devoted to the ways of warfare and the training that surrounded it.
Spartan men were discouraged from marrying until the age of 30 and women were not allowed to marry until they were 20.
Although they could marry before this time, it was frowned upon, as all Spartan men had to live in the military barracks until they were 30 years old.
If they married before this time, they had to live separately from their wives, and therefore it was not common practice.
The main point of marriage was not for love, but rather for producing future Spartan warriors. Therefore, men were encouraged to marry healthy, strong childbearing woman, or risked facing ridicule for not doing so.
Poor physical fitness was something that was seen with disgust across the board in Spartan society, and Spartans were encouraged to stay in peak physical shape at all times, at all phases in their life.
In fact, this was so important, that you could find yourself banished if you fell too poorly out of shape.
In battle, you remained a Spartan warrior until the bitter end. To surrender was considered the ultimate disgrace, resulting in Spartan military units fighting to the last man.
This was so true, that a common saying that Spartan mothers said to their husbands and children before heading off to battle was, “Return with your shield or on it.”


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