Pegasus statue ancient greek solid bronze handmade museum replica 4.33″

 38.00 inc. Vat


Pegasus Statue Ancient Greek Solid Bronze Handmade Museum Replica 4.33″

Height: 4.33 inches (11 cm)
Width: 4.4 inches (11.4 cm)
Weight: 0.30 lbs (138 gr)
Material: Solid Bronze

Pegasus, the beautiful winged horse of Greek mythology, comes from a tradition littered with hybrid creatures – centaurs that are half man and half horse, fauns – half man and half goat, furies and harpies – half women and half flesh tearing birds, serpents that speak through the mouths of half-drugged oracles like the snake and the Oracle of Delphi.

But in the Greek menagerie of mythical creatures, Pegasus is unique.

He doesn’t speak. He isn’t a trickster setting traps, riddles or challenges for the heroes of his stories or god in disguise trying to seduce young maidens. Quite simply, Pegasus is a beautiful and brave white stallion who performs dutifully and without question for the riders who tame him. He is a horse who has the characteristics people associate with horses – strength, loyalty, speed.

Of course there is a difference between Pegasus and your average garden variety horse; Pegasus has beautiful feathered wings, and he can fly.


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