Nude kore goddess greek mythology statue figurine handmade sculpture gold 11.5 inches

 54.90 inc. Vat


Nude Kore Goddess Greek Mythology Statue Figurine Handmade Sculpture Gold 11.5 Inches

Height: 11.5 inches (29.2 cm)
Width: 4.5 inches (11.5 cm)
Depth: 3 inches (7.7 cm)
Weight: 1.32 lbs (600 gr)

IN GREEK MYTHOLOGY: Persephone also called Kore, is the daughter of Zeus and Demeter and is the queen of the underworld. Homer describes her as the formidable, venerable majestic princess of the underworld, who carries into effect the curses of men upon the souls of the dead. Persephone was married to Hades, the god of the underworld. This is an amazing and high quality gift for everybody. A unique ornament for home, collectible items and also a splendid idea as a gift. Stunning decor to display in museums, homes, offices, libraries, or places of work. This statue is handmade and painted from Greece made by top Greek artisans. This is a handmade Alabaster statue made of top quality alabaster powder, molded and finished by hand to ensure the finest quality. Special packing is given to each statue and we 100% guarantee the safety of all statues.


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