Marathon boy ephebe of marathon athlete alabaster statue bust gold tone marble base 7.5”

 46.90 inc. Vat


Marathon Boy Ephebe of Marathon Athlete Alabaster Statue Bust Gold Tone Marble Base 7.5” Height : 7.5 inches (19 cm) Width : 3.35 inches (8.5 cm) Depth: 2.56 inches (6.5 cm) Weight: 1.83lbs (830gr) Material Alabaster Combining innocence with physical perfection, this victorious young athlete is a reminder that belief in oneself is a prerequisite for success and personal fulfillment. The Marathon Boy or Ephebe of Marathon is a Greek bronze sculpture found in the Aegean Sea in the bay of Marathon in 1925. The sculpture is conserved in the National Archaeological Museum of Athens where it is dated to around 340�330 BC. The Museum suggests that the subject is the winner of an athletic competition. With its soft musculature and exaggerated contrapposto, its style is associated with the school of Praxiteles. The upraised arm and the distribution of weight indicate that in his original context, this ephebe was leaning against a vertical support, such as a column.


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