Manopoulos Luxury Olive Burl 19-inch Backgammon Set

 226.90 inc. Vat


Manopoulos Luxury Olive Burl 19-inch Backgammon Set

Stunning Backgammon set from Greek manufacturer Manopoulos

Inlaid Olive burl exterior that is unique to each board – no two are exactly alike. To protect the wood, the frame is slightly raized to prevent scratching. As with all Manopoulos
backgammon sets, the craftsmanship and finish are exceptional.

The playing field is a combination of olive wood with wenge and mahogany points.

Olive wood backgammon stones, dice and a doubling cube are all included. Contains small parts. Unsuitable for children under 36 months.
Approx. dimensions: Closed: 18.7×11.8×3.1 inch

Handcrafted in Greece.


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