Homer greek poet figurine ancient greece sculpture alabaster statue 9.5 inches

 46.90 inc. Vat


Homer Greek Poet Figurine Ancient Greece Sculpture Alabaster Statue 9.5 Inches

Height: 9.5 inches (24.1 cm)
Width: 2.9 inches (7.4 cm)
Depth: 2.1 inches (5.4 cm)
Weight: 1.23 lbs (558 gr)

Homer is traditionally held to be the author of the ancient Greek epic poems “The Iliad” and “The Odyssey”, widely thought to be the first extant works of Western literature. He is considered by many to be the earliest and most important of all the Greek writers, and the progenitor of the whole Western literary tradition.

He was a poetic pioneer who stood at a pivotal point in the evolution of Greek society from pre-literate to literate, from a centuries old bardic tradition of oral verse to the then new technique of alphabetic writing.


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