Greek Mythology Chess Set – Blue&Copper with Blue Oxidized Board

 189.90 inc. Vat


The theme for this beautiful chess set from Manopoulos is inspired by the Ancient Greek Mythology. The combination of top quality and good prices made Manopoulos company world known for their products. Greek sculptors loved to recreate this divine conflict through their art. The King is a replica of the famous statue “Poseidon of Melos” (2nd cent. B.C.), and the Queen represents the glorious “Athena Promachos” (450 B.C., Acropolis Museum).

A bronze Hellenistic statue has inspired the Bishop and the Knight is a part of the marble facade of Parthenon sculptured by Pheidias. The castle is a reproduction of one of the most admirable Attic stele devoted to young Aristion who died in battle. Finally, the Pawn is a bronze statue of a fully armed warrior in 500 B.C.(S4B)

King Height: 6.5 cm(2.55″) – King Base: 2.5 cm(1″) – Pawns material: Copper Plated cast Zinc – Faux Blue Oxide on Copper

Dimensions of board : 36cm x 36cm – Square size: 3.5cm – Brass board over wood(color Blue oxidized-Brass)

Handmade in Greece


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