Goddess Of Wealth Tyche Lady Luck Fortuna Statue Alabaster Sculpture 5″

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Goddess Of Wealth Tyche Lady Luck Fortuna Statue Alabaster Sculpture 5″

Height: 5 inches (13 cm)
Width: 1.8 inches (4.5 cm)
Depth: 1.8 inches (4.5 cm)
Weight: 0.15 lbs (70 gr)

Goddess of Chance, Luck and Fate

Goddess Fortuna in Vatican
The Goddess Fortuna was the goddess of luck, good and bad in Ancient Rome. She was an extremely popular goddess in Ancient times. Fortuna was the firstborn child of Jupiter.
Goddess Fortuna is often seen carrying a cornucopia, also called Horn Of Plenty. Unlimited amounts of riches pour out of the cornucopia.
Goddess Fortuna was known to help pregnant women. She was also known as “Fortuna Primigenia”, meaning “the first mother”.

The Wheel of Fortune

Goddess Fortuna Wheel of Fortune Troy Book (1455-1462)The goddess Fortuna ruled the wheel of fortune.
When Fortuna spun the wheel no one knew ahead of time when they would “drop”.
Their luck could change for the better or worse.

Fortune herself is seated behind the Wheel
The wheel of fortune started with the goddess Fortuna a couple of thousand years ago.
It has been a part of our lives since Ancient Rome.

Fortune Wheel

We will forever be fascinated by the spinning fortune wheel with hopeful anticipation that the wheel will stop just in time to bring us a bit of good luck.
We often find them at fairs and amusement parks.

Roman Fortuna Temple

Temple of Fortuna Palladio Elevation Just outside South-East of Rome at Palestrina, there was a large temple dedicated to the goddess Fortuna. It was one of the largest in Ancient Rome. This temple housed an oracle.
“Temple of Fortuna – Palladio – Elevation” by Andrea Palladio – Royal Institute of British Architects

The Goddess Tyche

Goddess Tyche Antioch VaticanIn Ancient Greece the goddess Tyche was the ruler of luck. Tyche simply means “luck”.
The goddess Fortuna is the Roman counterpart of Tyche. She was the daughter of Zeus.
There were many temples in her honor. The temple Tychaeon in Alexandria was told to be one of the most spectacular in the Hellenistic world.
It was believed that when no rational explanation of a happening could be found, it was the goddess Tyche who was responsible.
Tyche could take away goods or hand out good fortune.
Any person who did not appreciate the gifts from Tyche would find himself in deep trouble.
It was expected that a person showed gratitude and sacrificed some of his newly gained riches to the gods.
It was also expected that he should spend some money to help less fortunate citizens.
Any who spent his time boasting about his abundance and not willing to share, would soon have an unpleasant meeting with Nemesis.
Nemesis was the daughter of Oceanus. She was sent by Tyche to humiliate all ungrateful and selfish receivers of riches. Soon they would find their lives in a sorry state. The riches were destined to disappear.

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