Bernini apollo and daphne statue powdered marble 9″ 23cm

 46.90 inc. Vat


Bernini Apollo and Daphne statue powdered marble 9″ 23 cm

Height: 9 inches (23 cm)
Width: 3.2 inches (8.12 cm)
Depth: 2 inches (5.08 cm)
Weight: 0.82 lbs (375 gr)

The myth says that Apollo was teasing Eros – God of Love. Eros felt humiliated by Apollo and being offended he shot one arrow, which induce love, into Apollo’s heart, while the other arrow, which kills love, he shot into the heart of Daphne – daughter of the river god. Apollo fell in love, but Daphne hated him. When the pursuing Apollo catches up with Daphne, she is tired of his importunities, asked the father to turn her into a laurel tree. Leaves started sprouting from her fingers and a sheath of bark started enfolding her beautiful body. Sorrowful Apollo made a laurel wreath and never took it off his head. He understood now how powerful and painful Eros’s arrows can be. The original sculpture was created by Giovanni Lorenzo Bernini (1598-1680) – the outstanding figure of the Baroque period. It is now in the Vatican Museum.


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